2004 Fleetwood Discovery
Alarm System Simulator
We've monitored a lot of motorhome user groups for various discussions, but have yet to hear of
serious theft from the inside of a motorhome, although we're sure it's happened many times over
the years. Thus, while we don't feel the need for an active alarm system (motion sensors, shock
sensors, IR sensors, pagers, connection to security firms, etc.), it
would seem prudent to take
some measures, especially when a motorhome is left unattended for periods of time in remote

The best result you can get with security measures is
deterrence. If you can get a thief to stop
considering entering your vehicle, you avoid all of the nasty consequences of an actual break-in.
All you need to do is to make your RV look less desirable than something else. Like the joke: You
don't have to outrun a bear, you just need to outrun your tentmate.

Thus, the following describes two ways to hook up a simple flashing red light to make it appear
as if you've got a full-blown alarm system installed, each approach costing maybe $5. The
placement of the LED is left to you, but we feel it's important to mount it so the LED can be
easily seen by someone at a distance without being obscured by drapes or screens.

Motorhome-powered Circuit

Self-powered Circuit

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