2004 Fleetwood Discovery Issues
Here's a list of issues I've had to deal with in about 8 years and 70k miles of operation. Overall I'm still
happy with the Discovery, despite the many issues listed below that Fleetwood might have been able
to avoid if their design staff, quality assurance staff, or dealer network addressed them before we
owners had to. However, several of these issues have already been remedied in later models, and I
only been forced to change
travel plans once so far because of defects.

I've written up this list to help other Discovery owners keep their motorhome investment and lives
running smoothly, and in no small part also to help preserve m
y sanity. Although I've actually enjoyed
resolving most of these issues myself (being a design engineer), for many of you these concerns
could be frustrating and costly to resolve. If nothing else, the following can serve as a guide in having
someone else fix these things for you so you don't get unduly taken advantage of.

I've split the issues into two separate pages so the loading of either one s
hould not cause you much of
a delay regardless of the bandwidth of your connection.  

Items with a leading asterisk are those that are critical: if you don’t address them, something will get
worse and worse until you are stuck with a serious problem.

Outside Issues

          Inside Issues