2004 Fleetwood Discovery 39J Main Page
We've created these pages to help other Discovery owners deal with issues they will need to
address in the course of driving around in and living in the coach. They're not meant for
griping, with the emphasis being getting around unnecessary limitations. There are things you
expect to happen, and other things that you expect not to happen, but there are surprises in
store for you as a Discovery owner.

Thanks to the other owners who participate in various Internet forums, we have incorporated
and will incorporate as many concerns and solutions as we find that are of general interest.
Our discussion centers on the 2004 model year, but those with models a few years newer or
older should benefit also.

We've relegated the JPG images to
links you have to select purposely rather than include them
along with the text, so those of us who have slower Internet connections can get to the dialog
quickly without waiting for images to download. Also, images are small (in kbytes) so they
shouldn't cause you too much download time to view.

Feel free to copy and share these pages with fellow owners. Write us at
                                                                  if you have questions. And bon voyage.

120v Distribution - Model 39J

Pre-Departure Checklist

Thermal Considerations

12v Front Fuses Label

Salon Slide-out Redesign

Fresh Water Flow Diagram

Accurate Fresh Water Monitor Gauge

Blow-by Extension

Haldex Air Dryer Filters Replacement

Alarm System Simulator

Understanding HP and Torque

Surge Tank Replacement

Freightliner XC S-Cam Lubrication / Meritor Brake Replacement
Coming Soon: Chassis Lube Checklist with Pictures