Bethel Island, CA
Nov, 2008
Redding's Sundial Bridge
Fisherman's Wharf
Pier 39 Sea Lions
Ghirardelli Square
Nancy & Michael at Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Shore Side of Paradise Bar & Grill
Site 56 at Sugar Barge RV Resort
Blue Angels
Blue Angels
Pier 39 Sculpture
Rio Vista Parade Queen
Rio Vista Parade Bus
Rio Vista Plaque
Black Diamond (Coal) Regional Park
Nancy & Michael's 45-footer (minus 28' trailer)
View North from Mt. Diablo
Mt. Diablo Tower
View South from Mt. Diablo
Secluded hideout near Bethel Island
Custom car at Antioch Car Show
30-year old Avon Redstart
Driving the Avon to the dock at Sugar Barge
Bethel Island Circumnavigation in Avon Redstart
1970's Revisited
Makeshift tiller extension - Mark I
Start of Bethel Island circumnavigation
Slough side of Paradise Bar & Grill
Unsuccessful camera surgery at Brian's
Tight storage in San Diego