Image Preservation and Restoration Services

What We Offer:

Image Legacies uses your original images (photos, slides,
negatives) to scan them into a digital image format. Every useful bit
of the original is captured, so scanning again should never be
required - the originals could be discarded without any loss of
information. A wide number of corrective actions can then be
performed, resulting in a visually-pleasing JPG image that can easily
be printed, stored, replicated, and shared. Selected images can be
assembled into a slideshow viewable on a TV, computer, or both.
Backup “off-site storage” for ten years is included at no extra cost.


* Your originals are slowly losing color and contrast.
* They can be wiped out in a moment, never to be enjoyed again
or seen by future generations
* Images usually have a number of problems that distract from
viewing pleasure.
* Your collection can only be seen by one group without having to
pass around continually.
* If you have slides, your projector bulb is probably ready to die or
is already dead, and replacements are expensive and scarce. Slide
projection is a real pain.

What You Do:

* Gather all images worthy of saving including photos, slides, and
* For photos, if both prints and negatives are available, send the
negative only. On prints pencil in the year on the back, along with
the month (or any other code) to help order the files. For negatives
label the carrier or a slip of paper.
* For slides, sort and gently rubberband according to original roll. If
a date is not already stamped on the slides, pencil one in on the
first slide of the roll.
* Write up any specific instructions, and include your telephone
number so we can work together to get you the best results at the
lowest cost.
* Call 1-858-775-3620 for mailing instructions so we can guarantee
safety of the originals. If in the San Diego area, we can arrange for
hand pickup and delivery.

What We Do:

After the original is gently air-cleaned and high-resolution scanned,
the following steps are performed:

* Rotation of the entire image if unintentionally off-axis (slanted)
* Cropping to provide visual balance and to best fit a widescreen
viewing format without loss of meaning
* Sharpness optimization
* Removal of visual distractions:
* Spots, dust, drop-outs, hair, threads, etc., regardless whether
from the camera, original processing, or final print
* Creases, missing portions, glare, reflections, extraneous bright
spots, etc.  where practical
* If so instructed, any object (i.e. a cigarette) or person can be
either removed, or can be extracted to be used elsewhere
* Optimization of color, brightness, contrast, gamma, background,
grain, skin tones, etc.
* Copying of all images (including raw scans) to CD or DVD
* Creation of an automatic slideshow if desired

How Much:

Image Digitization : $0.50 each
Image Restoration: $40 per hour, usually 2-5 minutes/image. You
decide what effort to put into the image to get the exact result you
want without “surprises”.
Extra CD/DVD copies: $10 each
DVD/CD/VHS Slideshows: Call for estimate, will depend on the level
of effort required.
Photo Restoration